Options to apply for a loan there are many; However, not all are the best and some even have to avoid them, here we present some reasons for you not to fall into a trap that may be too expensive.

The aunt who has money

The whole family resorts to her and she always lends them but does not forgive their interests. Also, the day you’re going to ask for the money, you first have to listen to the story of how you made your fortune, and you’re almost sure it’s a novel. Since she loaned you the money and paid you on time, it does not matter because she spread “the rumor” that you were bankrupt and rescued you.

Your mom

Obviously your parents will always help you in whatever they can, they probably lend you without interest; however, she will be in charge of reminding you of the day she sacrificed those shoes for lending you the money you needed.

Your dad

It’s almost the same story as with your mother, but first you’ll have to listen to the story of how his father and he took the family with 50 cents in the bag, obviously you know it’s a lie but you do not give up as long as it lends you.

The “acquaintance” (or Usurer)

We all know someone who has “an acquaintance” who lends, nobody says it but in truth, he is a usurer who abuses with the interests, in addition, he is the one who creates “the tandas”, then you already know “how is he taking care of the money”. Avoid getting into debt with this type of person, you never know how far you can go by “recovering” the money you owe.

Express money

There are many companies that ensure that they lend you in less than 2 hours; however, it is not always reliable to ask for money, many of these companies can put interests of more than 600%. Imagine that you ask for $ 10 thousand pesos that you want to pay in a year, this becomes up to $ 60 thousand pesos. Fast is not always the best, especially if you spend your life paying.

The bank

“Congratulations you have a pre-approved credit for up to x amount”, how many of us have dialed us on the phone or did this message appear at the ATM? The truth is that it seems good news to have this “benefit” of our bank, unfortunately, the one that is approved does not mean that it is not laborious that they give you the money. You have to go to your branch, sign 30 papers, put your fingerprint on the same 30 and you’ll have your money. The worst thing is that with all the emotion you did not realize that the interest rate is 55% plus some commissions and other expenses, total that you end up paying almost double what the bank lent you.

Asking for a loan does not have to be complicated, much less do you have to pay much more money than what they lent you, more if you have maintained an excellent banking record. There are options with simple procedures and that you can do from a computer, the answer is not immediate, but you will have the certainty of obtaining a loan with fair interest- see more about BridgePayday.