On Wednesday, a mégatransporteur must leave Roissy with the symbol the French Republic in its hold. One of the biggest aircraft in the world, an Airbus “Beluga” was chartered to lead the Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix in Tokyo, where the table should be exposed for six weeks. It’s not a mystery: the Louvre officials have had the shock of their lives when they learned that Jacques Chirac had promised to lend this iconic painting at the National Museum of Japan, during his state visit to this country in November 1996. from Conservative memory, we had never seen this in any case for the loan of the Mona Lisa in Japan in 1974.

But the Japanese had taken France a masterpiece of Buddhist statuary, the Kudara Kannon, in the Louvre five weeks in the fall of 1997. Lionel Jospin himself intervened to the French honor the word careless presidential.

Recalcitrant Conservatives nevertheless observed that the painting was weakened by its size (2.6 x 3.5 meters). Hence the mobilization of the Airbus that will make travel upright in a vibration chamber, one of the security conditions imposed on transport. Ordinarily, this aircraft carries Airbus cabin parts!

Three Glorious. The composition of Delacroix has been a myth in the nineteenth century, long before adorn the 100-franc note. The artist painted it, not to mention the French Revolution, but the July Revolution of 1830. Presented at the Salon of 1831, the manifesto of Romanticism was a great impact on its dimensions and its subject, but also by its stylistic treatment. Louis Philippe bought 3000 francs for the Royal Museum of the Luxembourg Palace. But the government of Adolphe Thiers could not stand long this encouragement to the popular riot. The painting was returned to the artist and remained stored ten years in precarious conditions in one of her relatives, reappearing only in 1848. At the request of the artist, he then took the road of Luxembourg, which returned it to its reserves. This same absence would contribute to its status as a legendary work. The Parisian public was able to rediscover the Universal Exhibition of 1855. In 1874, he was finally transferred to the Louvre, where it has remained permanently exposed.

Hide it in “In another move, the Airbus” Beluga “was decorated with painted films representing Liberty. The round trip will cost a whopping five million francs (empty return is kindly not charged), not counting the 200 000 francs insurance. the insured value of the work of 450 million francs. He finally had to be solved at the last minute a final diplomatic incident, soothing Gulf authorities where the plane is supposed to stop (1): no way for them to see topless women on the fuselage the parade was found at the last minute: the breasts will be hidden But the Japanese are reassured Such modesty veils will be removed before.. landing in Tokyo.

(1) For security reasons, the exact stop is not disclosed.